Vacuum furnace

Vacuum furnace

Hornos de vacío

Are several types of vacuum furnaces according to the treatment, the steel and the amount of parts to be treated.

Gas temper:

The gas temper can treat medium and good hardenability steels, ensuring that there is little distortion. For this reason, this type of treatment is perfectly suited to the vast majority of current applications, from the sensitive parts temper to stainless steel hypertemper, through the temper of tools.

Oil temper:

Some types of steels, of low alloys and frequently used, require very rapid cooling that is not possible to obtain with a gas temper so, it is necessary a cooling way as oil, with a large thermal exchange capacity.

The vacuum oil temper can try these alloys, while preserving the advantages of vacuum treatment (no oxidation or decarburization).


The vacuum tempering furnace guarantees a good surface of hardened components previously under vacuum. Also reduces the cycle time.

Low pressure nitriding:

The low pressure nitriding enables a high and consistently quality of nitrided layers. The low pressure reduces the cycle time, gas consumption and is environmentally friendly, contrary to the conventional gas nitriding. For more information, the low pressure nitriding of aluminum extrusion row gives very good results.

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